Where do you get your ideas?

From no where and everywhere. Mostly in the early morning hours when I'm half asleep.

Can I send you ideas?

NO! More politely, please don't. It's not that it might not be a good or great or the most perfect cartoon idea, but I have plenty of my own material and it gets into all this funny territory where people will expect credit, or compensation, even for ideas I didn't want. If I see an email or message with "cartoon idea" or something similar in the subject line, I delete it unread. If you have all these ideas, I encourage you to make your own comic with your own characters.

Why farm animals?

I like them, I raise some, they have lots of potential for fun and personalities, and because I'm horrible at drawing people.

Why are you such a raging #**hole?!?!?!

That's only on Thursdays. The rest of the week I'm a regular #**hole.

That pun in was so bad! How can you live with yourself?

It's a sickness. These puns come into my head and rattle around and around. The only way to get rid of them is to share them with others.

I want to be a cartoonist, any advice?

Step 1: Find a better job. Step 2: If you're still serious, draw a three comics every day for a year. If you can complete that year, then maybe start finding papers or syndicates to submit to, if you can't, see step 1.

Can I get a signed comic?

I will occassionally do giveaways on twitter or tumblr, or you can try for the Bounty program.

Why do you hate Stephan Pastis?

No comment.

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